If I spoke the language of the weather
I might have more to say
On the swirling, spinning something
Now abiding in my soul

As it stands, it might be better
To keep the forecasts off today
The wind’s a violent nothing
And I cannot find a lull.


How can I explain
That all that came so easy
Everything that should be
Came to be so hard
I know the fault is mine
As if that should make it fine
As if acknowledgement can make a problem disappear
But no, it never does
And no solutions light like doves
On the edges of the windows which I never seem to open
Yet always go to as a token
Of all the things I hope and fear.

Too Late

I see you happy and it kills me
I see you happy and I know
You never needed me
Who am I without you, though?

I’m miserable and you’ll never see
Would it kill you to know?
I only wanted you not to see
I never meant to go.


I’m flying at half-mast
Just a symbol of the past
A thing better deleted
And you’d better do it fast
Because we can’t get caught on reasons
It all comes down to someone’s treasons
And if every win is someone else defeated
Then the world is just zeroes and ones
When no one wants to be a number
And we all just want to be a winner
But nowadays everyone is seated
Eyes getting ever dimmer
Straining to see a different road
Trying to write a different code
In the same language that we treated
As an overbearing load
When what we don’t really want to carry
And what we really want to bury
Is that all we are, we created
We wrote ourselves in binary

Shooting Stars

My way is lost
My time is running down
I never knew the cost
And I won’t be knowing now
There’s an entire world out there
That I never could forgive
There’s an entire life out there
That I never learned to live
Now there’s just the horror left
Of what I’ve lost to fear
Of everything that I’m bereft
And everything that passed so near.

What Was

Where is the wonder that she used to know?
That little girl, where did she go?
The one with her friends outside in the snow,
When having to leave was her only woe?

She went to the future and she stayed at home,
Trying to find the light in the gloam.
But time got up and went off to roam;
When next she looked up, she was alone.

Now, she is haunted by all that should be;
And all that she wanted she knows won’t come free.
What’s to believe in, and what’s there to see,
When all that’s around you is your life’s debris?


I could call upon the storm:
The wind, the piercing rain.
I could make a whirlwind form,
But I would do it all in vain.

I could call upon the sky:
Watch the flash as thunder plays.
I could raise the waters forest high;
But I couldn’t turn back all the days.

I can’t call upon the clock
To hide its face and yours;
Moments pass, each with a lock,
To shut all open doors.

And I could call upon your name
As a plea or as a chant for war,
But there’s nothing there for me to claim
Except a broken heart forevermore.