There is a bottom beneath
A deeper dark
A loosened grip
And then the floor parts
Uncounted seconds
Minutes, hours
Pass unseen
Lost to powers
Greater than the depths you’ve known
So fall as you will — but don’t let go

Out of Reach

There’s a dream on the morrow
I’m afraid it’s quite the climb
Past the swamps of sorrow
Across the sands of time

There’s a dream on the morrow
But we’re still at today
No path for us to follow
But somehow, we’ll be okay.

(No) Easy Answers

The quiet doesn’t tell me the answers
It only tells me to find them myself
No lightning from the sky for inspiration
No magical guide to give me some help
I’m lost in a nightmare that’s supposed to be mine
I have this dream I’ll find my way out
But until then I’m supposed to know what I’m doing
I guess I should probably figure it out.


Where is there to go
When the blind see more than me?
Someone must step forward
But here we hang upon each other’s sleeves.
There is nowhere to go
When every step leads to a fall;
There is no home for us
But the darkness that we bring.


When did the change occur?
When did reason travel ’round
To the dark side of a dark future
And there, run aground?

Why did it thus embark?
Why did it head that way?
Why did it not the warnings hark
And turn back towards the day?

I know not the impetus
I know not the time
I only know that it was lost
Somewhere along the line.