The Rock Above Your Head

Name an attraction or town close to home that you still haven’t got around to visiting.

I see you every day
And yet I have never been
In truth, I don’t expect to
Distance will always win

But I can look above me
And see your reflective light
Maybe I’ll remember then
Humans are capable of flight.

The Bird

Every day the bird flew past;
Every day, I thought the last.
But still it came, and still it went,
And I within my punishment
Despised its beauty and its wings;
Its height above us broken things;
And so I swore to bring it down.

First a rock upon its crown,
And down it came to crash;
Down into soot and ash
Until its plumes were black as pitch,
And every cat of every witch
Would’ve hissed with jealousy,
Had there been any there to see.

The bird fluttered, then he ceased.
I thought, “I’ve got the beast!”
But as I approached, I fell:
Through the smoke, I saw no well.
The creature laughed as he looked down
Still wearing his midnight gown
And I asked him what he meant to do.

“I will do no harm to you;
I’ll not give you the pleasure.
But when you die, I’ll take my measure
Of the flesh from off your corpse;
And though it be bitter and coarse,
I will take my lot with laughter:
For you once forgot the heights you had,
But you’ll not forget it after.”


She’d been alone for all she’d known
And so to spy him by the sea
With his broken heart beside, unsewn
Struck her own so tenderly

She ached to come up from the foam
And ached the more that he could see
No more a seal without a home
But a beautiful selkie

Instead, she only watched him go
And her sadness filled the sea
But the ending would be always so
And a binding would not make her free


For many moments I sat waiting,
So adept at standing still;
So certain all worth chasing
Boiled down to just some time to kill.

But all I’ve lived was just prefacing,
Life a writer with a lethargic quill;
Maybe we’re on to demonstrating
That even characters can have a will.

Bobby Pins

Photo by Jimmy Chan on

I can’t always wait for freedom
As I’m tightening my chains
Or call for allies to remove them
When my list of foes has all the names

It’s up to me to hoard the bobby pins,
To find the key to ease my pains;
It’s up to me to unlock prisons,
And remember there are sunny days.


I want to have a sea foam house,
Just a walk down from the beach:
A decor of shells and ocean air;
Sand in corners that I never reach.

I want to have a summer home
In a place where winters wander long:
Forget about the burning sun;
Forget the haze that’s rarely gone.

I want to have a place my own,
Where the rules are mine to make;
Where the experiences go beyond the door,
And none of the truths inside are fake.

I want to have my sea foam house;
I want my peaceful beach.
I want to know I have my place;
And that who I am is never out of reach.