Snow Castles

It is not always a bad thing,
When my mind’s not yours to know:
Sometimes I am simply
Making castles in the snow.

Built of a material
That’s sure to melt away;
But that doesn’t really matter,
Because I had it for today.

8 thoughts on “Snow Castles

  1. That “snow” you cherished today may melt tomorrow, but is it really gone?

    Building snow castles today transfers them from your brain to your heart. There they will remain until they inspire you to build them “for real.”

    Snow castles today, a puddle tomorrow and real castles the day-after-tomorrow. That magic snow builds not just castles, but he future.

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      1. Sure, jot it down, then let your papers consume it. You’ll rediscover it in a few years, and ask,

        “Why did take the time to write this note? These words don’t even make sense. I must’ve been really drunk when I copied this.”

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        1. Lol! Replace “drunk” with “tired” and I think you have just successfully predicted the future. πŸ˜‚ I have a habit of writing things down without any context (especially late at night) and then inevitably winding up totally confuddled…

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          1. Likewise, with me. Frantic writing here, a scribble or two there. Sometimes a page torn from a notebook, at other moments, the back of a receipt.

            One thing they have in common is that I’m so confident I’ll remember what they mean.

            Inevitably, no, I don’t.

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