The Devil and the Sea

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea:
What choice for you — what choice for me?
Whatever we do, we can’t be free;
We’re trapped between the devil, and the deep blue sea.

We could run, and hide away;
But I know I could not live that way.
Let us face it, come what may:
I will not run and hide away.

Check our course and check it twice:
Down a path of sin and vice,
Perfectly armed with imperfect advice;
Best we check our course and do it twice.

We saw the devil, and the sea:
Everybody knows that hell is free —
But I do not choose so easily;
So I pick the devil, and the sea.

Inspired by this poem… And pirates. I don’t know why I always wind up with pirates; but, there it is. Pirates, and a seeming inability to choose — which is also a recurring theme with me: My sister once even wrote a little parody short story involving a birthday party that goes horribly awry, and all because the birthday girl — inspired by me — would not make any choices. I thought it was hilarious (still do), and continue to refer to it from time to time. Like now, for instance.

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