Stepping Stones to Nowhere

I am to you what you were to me:
A means, never an end
There are worse things that I could be
But that’s a poor excuse to be friends
I still wonder if you think of me
A tired thought, so oft repeated
And if we’re warned off who we want to be
It doesn’t matter who we needed
Friendship is no reliable thing
And more, is even less
So if I’m not ready for anything
What I’m doing here I cannot guess

8 thoughts on “Stepping Stones to Nowhere

  1. When we are young, the emphasis all around us seems to be about fitting in. It is hard when you don’t fit the mold. I remember it well! As people grow older, they become more comfortable with their individuality. I think then, real friendships form. It gets better, Rachel! ❤ Cherish and nourish your talents now. You are an intelligent young woman and a very gifted writer.

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